Ride – 1/4/2012 Tiddler Ride to Warburton – Vic

By Tony Houlihan

I thought it would be an interesting idea to design a ride that would encourage the members with “Tiddler” bikes to get them out for a CIMAA ride, rather than show them only once a year at the Festival of Italian Motorcycles (FOIM).

The ride concept was as follows:

The emphasis is on small bikes, affectionately known as “Tiddlers”, but not everyone owns a small bike, so ride what you like.  Nevertheless, it would be good to get those 100cc, 125cc, 250cc etc. out of the shed.

 The ride will start at Mt. Evelyn.  There is ample room for car & trailer parking if required.  Make sure your bike has a full tank of petrol before you start.  We will be riding mainly on lightly trafficked back roads with 80km limits.  The terrain is undulating with nothing too steep.  It is a scenic ride.  All roads are bitumen, no dirt.

  It will be approx. 60km to Cafe Meccanica (under the bakery) at Warburton.  Also, there is fuel in Warburton.  After lunch, we have the option of a similar route back to Mt. Evelyn or the most direct route along Warburton Highway which is only 30km. approx. 

 As you can see, we have kept the distances short to suit the “Tiddlers” and their riders.  It’s meant to be a fairly relaxed sort of ride with the pace set by the “Tiddlers”.

This ride had previously been postponed twice due to wet weather.  This time, we were lucky with cool but sunny conditions and no rain.  Hooray!

Bob rode his recently acquired Le Mans Mk 1 to meet us at the start but had other commitments, so headed off.  Greg’s recently restored MM 500 was on its first longer ride (Greg had ridden from Warragul) and didn’t present any problems.

Simon was late for the start so met us at Warburton for the return ride.  Simon trailered his 1954 MV 175cc to Warburton and no wonder.  It hadn’t been started since arriving from Italy as a recent “barn find”.  Anyway, it fired up and Simon rode it approx. 15km until it coughed, spluttered & stopped (fuel tank & carby needed a clean).  He then put it on the trailer.  It was good fun and I thank Simon for bringing this amusing “Tiddler” along for the ride.

It was an easy, relaxing ride (lots of bends) with plenty of time for chats. I intend to schedule the same ride for later this year.  Hopefully, there will be more “Tiddler” participants.


Simon Scillio – 1954 MV Augusta
Peter Day – 1973 Ducati GT750
Tony Houlihan – 1974 Moto Guzzi 850T
Ian Barnes – 1975 Moto Morini 350
Bob Gibson – 1976 Moto Guzzi LeMans Mk 1
Greg Noller – 1980 Moto Morini 500

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