Club Permit Scheme

Almost all states of Australia provide a conditional registration scheme (often called club, vintage, historic, special vehicle) which provides for a limited use and reduced registration fee for older vehicles. Most State authorities require your membership of an appropriate organisation which then administers the eligibility testing. As CIMAA is not a registered association in all states, it cannot undertake testing outside of New South Wales and Victoria.

It is CIMAA’s responsibility to ensure your bike meets roadworthy standards and your membership is current. Failure to follow the requirements could cause the scheme to be revoked. Your membership must be current while you have a vehicle registered through the club. We are obliged to report a non-financial member to the State authorities, which will result in cancellation of the registration.

Links to the relevant government websites are:

New South Wales


Australian Capital Territory


Northern Territory


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Western Australia
No scheme is available.

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