Procedure to obtain a NSW Club Permit


The important points of the scheme are:

  • You can only use your motorcycle for club-sanctioned events. You can use the motorcycle for a “tuning run” within a 50 KM radius of your garaged address?
  • Your vehicle must have been manufactured at least 30 years before your registration year.
  • The permit is valid for one year and is not transferable to another person or another motorcycle.
  • It is your responsibility to carry documentation (a print-out of the events sheet) as proof of the validity of the event you are traveling to. Attendance at an event hosted by another club where an invitation has been extended is accepted.

There are five steps to obtain a NSW Club Permit. Note renewal of a permit in following years only requires step 4 (without the CIMAA Safety Inspection Form) and step 5.

1. Ensure your CIMAA membership is current. Join or renew your membership here.

2. Print a Club Permit Registration form from the NSW website or pick one up from any NSW office. Fill out the form.

3. Have your motorcycle/scooter inspected by a club scrutineer to obtain a CIMAA Safety Inspection Form or provide a current NSW Roadworthy Certificate.

To book an inspection call:

4. Present the CIMAA Safety Inspection Form and the Club Permit Registration form to the NSW Club President or Secretary for signing.

5. Take the signed forms together with your current CIMAA membership card to any NSW office, pay, and collect the plate. Send an email to with the bike details and new registration number.

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