Procedure to obtain NSW Historic Vehicle Registration

You must be a paid up financial member of CIMAA for your registration to be valid. CIMAA membership expires on the 30th June each year and if you have not renewed your membership by that date, then as of 1st July your motorcycle is deemed by the Department of Roads and Maritime Services to be unregistered, regardless of the expiry date on your registration label.

If your CIMAA registered motorcycle is involved in an accident resulting in personal injury after your membership expires you could be sued for millions of dollars. You have been warned!

To register

  1. Transport your bike to an inspection station to obtain a pink slip. If you have a current blue slip it may be used instead of the pink slip. Note “Traffic” plates are not  substitutes for a pink or blue slip.
  2. Send a copy of your pink or blue slip, membership card and previous registration papers (if available) and a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
    Brett Rosenthal   PO Box 173  Annandale NSW 2038
    Ensure the bike details (make, year and engine and frame numbers) are clearly shown on any documents. Brett will post you a CIMAA stamped Historic Vehicle Declaration (HVD) form.
  3. Transport your bike to the June or November CIMAA inspection day, where one of the designated CIMAA inspectors will provide documentation. If you need an inspection at other times then contact one of the CIMAA inspectors listed below and make your own arrangement:
    Dave Ward at Emu Plains
    Marty Cutler at Ermington
    John Harding at Fairfield West    043444 2858
    Mike Soderland at Belmore         0418423066
  4. Take the completed HVD form together with your license, your CIMAA membership card, receipt of ownership and previous registration papers (if available) to a Service NSW Center to complete the registration process. You can elect to take part in the 60 days/year logbook trial at the time of registration.

Renewing your registration

You will be sent renewal papers just prior to expiry together with an HVD form. You are required to have the bike inspected for roadworthiness. You can ride your bike to one of the three inspection options listed above. The HVD form must then be signed and stamped by a club official prior to going to the RMS to pay for your renewal.

Remember, the club also has CIMAA plate/social/BBQ days in late June/ November to assist registration inspections around that time of year. This also a good opportunity to pay your membership fees and meet other club members.

FAQ for Historic Vehicle Registration

What are the restrictions of Historic Vehicle Registration?

If you are NOT participating in the logbook trial: you can use your vehicle on CIMAA sanctioned runs and rallies. You can also carry out “test rides” within a 50 Km radius of your residential address.

If you are participating in the logbook trial: you can use your vehicle on CIMAA sanctioned runs and rallies without a logbook entry. However, you will need to make a log-book entry and carry the logbook with you every time your vehicle is used on public roads when not participating in a sanctioned event.

If not on a sanctioned club run – even if it’s a short ride to fill up at your local petrol station – you will be fined for using an unregistered/ uninsured vehicle if you haven’t made a logbook entry.

See the RMS website for more information on the use of historic plated vehicles:

What are the rquirements for club plates?

Any current financial member of the CIMAA can apply to register a bike that is a minimum of 30 years old. The bike needs to be roadworthy and proof of age verified. The age of the bike is determined by the frame not the engine number and should be as original as possible as required by the RMS rules. Safety modifications, period modifications and options are permitted.

Does the bike have to be Italian?

No, it does not. We have a few other makes on club plates but, needless to say, CIMAA is a collection of enthusiasts dedicated to Italian motorcycles.

If the bike has not been registered in Australia do I need to obtain a pink or blue slip?

You’ll  only need a blue slip for full road registration. A pink slip is suitable for Historic registration, or you can have the bike inspected by a club inspector.

How many bikes can I have on club plates?

There is no limit, as many as you can afford and/or fit in the garage.

If I am late renewing your club membership how does this affect your legal status on the road?

There is no leeway regarding lapsed membership when it comes to operating a vehicle on historic plates. You will be treated as an unregistered vehicle and fined.

If I let the registration lapse, what do I do?

You are obliged by law to return the plate to the RMS once the registration has expired three months beyond the renewal date. You do not receive a refund on the plate. If you require registration  follow the procedure above.

If I sell the bike what do I do?

Historic Vehicle registration is not transferable, so you will be selling an unregistered bike. You must return the plate to the RMS.

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